Seahawks in full attendance

I remember in years past, in the dark days before Paul Allen owned the team, before the Seahawks won three consecutive division titles and visited the Super Bowl, when holdouts were a yearly item.  There was always some drama about a high draft pick, a star player or a franchise tag-ee who wasn’t happy with the terms of their deal or offer, and held out of training camp or for the pre-season or 10 regular season games or whatever.

Those days appear to be over, and I can’t say I miss the “exciting drama” of the offseason at all.

Seahawks sign top (and final) draft choice

Wilson, a second-round pick, was the last of the Seahawks’ eight draft choices to sign. Defensive end Baraka Atkins, a fourth-round pick, agreed to terms earlier this week and his signing also was announced by the club Thursday morning.

It’s nice to be a winning team that players apparently want to play on.

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