More on Turkish Star Wars

So, that Turkish Star Wars thing I posted the other day?  It’s for real.  Really.

Video Review:  Turkish Star Wars

The review seems pretty spot-on:

Years before Star Wars was ruined by Ewoks, ruined again by Episode One, and then pissed all over by Episode Two, Turkey had already done it. Turkey was light years ahead of George Lucas when they invented Star Wars-ruining technology as early as 1979. That’s the year Turkish filmmakers, using Turkish production values, remade Star Wars. They called it Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam. This is not a fabrication; this movie is real and probably worse than I will be able to convey.

Here’s the section of the review that covers the 10 minutes in the video clip I posted (which I’m sure the Turkish production company won’t mind, seeing as how they obviously have no problem with the philosophy of copyright violation and all that nonsense):

Here’s where the movie goes so far beyond Earth adjectives that it kicked the ass off my face. Darth Vader appears on a hill and blasts at Luke with lasers while he jumps from trampoline to trampoline in the center of a field of yellow smoke grenades. For two minutes, there is a cloud of zero visibility while randomly alternating sound clips from Flash Gordon are mixed with random sections of the Indiana Jones song. It’s amazing. When the smoke clears he’s tearing the giant red monsters in half at the waist, chopping their heads off and kicking his foot through their chests. There’s one part where he headlocks a mummy’s head off, throws it at another mummy and it explodes. Every single monster from earlier in the movie shows up to get torn into chunks, and the entire time his gloves are disappearing, reappearing and disappearing while he’s wearing a different shirt.

“It kicked the ass off my face.”  Yeah, baby.  I gotta say, this review makes me…well, it makes me want to see the whole movie.  ;)

By the way, finally saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday.  It was quite good (I think 3 stars out of 4, not quite as good as the last two movies, both of which I’d give 3 and a half stars), and the Harry Potter series is quickly cementing itself as the best franchise in recent memory.  If they do two more terrific movies to close out the story, it may have to go down as the best franchise of all time.  It’s already better than James Bond and – dare I say it? – Star Wars (which, for as much as I love Star Wars, only has 2 great movies out of 6).  More on that in a future post along with a full review of Harry Potter.

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