Holmgren on Walsh

Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren on his old friend and mentor, Bill Walsh:

Seahawks coach, others recall Bill Walsh with respect

Holmgren had been the quarterbacks coach at Brigham Young University (1982-85) when Walsh gave him his shot. Holmgren later became the 49ers offensive coordinator (1989-91) and used that opportunity as a springboard to become a head coach with the Green Bay Packers before coming to Seattle in 1999.

“I always thought, when I was an assistant coach for him, that he looked at the game differently,” Holmgren said. “He just looked at how to put it together and how to do it differently.

“He was an artist and all the rest of us were kind of blacksmiths. We were pounding the anvil, while he was painting the picture.”

Walsh’s canvas became the football equivalent of the Mona Lisa.

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