More Mac impressions on the way

It’s been two weeks with my new Mac computers, and two weeks of transitioning from the PC to the Mac.  I can’t really say I’ve made The Switch yet, because my PC is still up and running!  🙂  But I’m now doing at least 80% of my work on the Mac, and about 95% of my data is off the PC and onto the Mac.  I still have a few leftover things I’m using the PC for and a few things left to transition, but it’s all going pretty well.  I’ve gotten some comments asking for more posts on the switch, and I just wanted to post this brief blurb to say I’m working on a full write-up of how things are going two weeks into the process.  Look for that in the next day or two, and thanks to all you Mac folks for visiting and reading!  More to come very soon…

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