Summer pictures

Time to catch up on some pictures from the summer. Here are some pictures from a Father’s Day dinner Mia’s Girl Scout troop threw for the dads. The girls also recieved their badges and other commendations that day. This was Mia’s first year in Girl Scouts, and she had a lot of fun learning to canoe, ride horses, cook, and other assorted fun and festivities. She hooked up with a great troop and she’s looking forward to the coming year.


Colin graduated from pre-school this year, and had a great time with his friends and teachers.  He really settled down a lot this year, and learned to get along with others pretty well.  He’s looking forward to kindgarten, most of all because he “gets to go to Mia’s school”.  Cue eye-rolling from big sister.  😉  Thanks for a great class, Mrs. Kirkham (pictured below) and Mrs. Wyatt!



More to come later…

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