iFolks were fleeced

How are you iPhone early adopters feeling today?  Don’t worry, I’m not about to rub it in.  I know what it’s like to feel fleeced, especially by a company you really like.  You buy a favorite DVD title, unaware that the studio is planning a special edition with a newly restored transfer just around the corner.  You pick up a video game that hits the bargain bin two weeks later.  But I can’t say I’ve ever purchased a brand-new $599 piece of electronic equipment, only to have its price slashed by $200 only two months after its release.

Apple slashes 8GB iPhone price by $200

Notably, Apple also cut the 4GB iPhone by $200, to get rid of remaining stock as they phase that phone out entirely.  Now, I like Apple a lot, and I’m enjoying the heck out of my new Mac computers after switching from a PC over a month ago (and yes, I plan to post some followups to how the switchover is going).  But in terms of customer goodwill and good faith, this is a pretty harsh move, impending Christmas season or not.  No matter what the company’s rationale, it still feels pretty crappy as a consumer whenever you get screwed.

Very recent purchasers have a little hope:

How To Get $200 Back If You Just Got An iPhone

But those of you who waited in line for hours on end back on opening day – there is a reason guys like me never ever buy stuff like this on Day One, and that reason is this.  In the end, I’m not missing not having an iPhone.  But I’d definitely miss that $200.

Besides, you just know that iPhone 2.0 is going to be that much better.  Why not simply wait?

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