Dear Frankie (2004) – a beautiful movie

Just watched this movie¬†tonight. What a beautiful, understated movie this is. Hollywood could take many lessons from films like this – not everything has to be spelled out, and not everything has to be melodramatized. I loved how the actors acted like – gasp! – real people, and much of the best communication in the movie happened during silences – the silent company overlooking the water, the long pause in the doorway, the togetherness on the dock between mother and son. That the boy was deaf really drove the point home, but having such terrific actors “speak” so well with their looks and their faces was really a stroke of genius that is sadly underemployed in today’s overacted, overdramatized Hollywood feature. There were no “gotcha” moments, even during plot revelations, for example when Lizzie tells The Stranger how her son came to be deaf. She speaks a simple sentence, and their looks tell us a thousand words. Wonderful stuff.

If you haven’t seen this movie, do. You’re missing out.

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