Moon hoaxers busted

I love critical thinking and skeptical writers, and I love finding an author who gets the message across in creative, accessible ways. Darryl Cunningham takes a unique approach to skepticism – he draws and writes comics. While this may not seem to be the most serious format with which to debunk nonsense, he is devastatingly effective due to his spartan, to-the-point style of writing and his knack for matching his prose with highly effective images. He stays on point and sticks to facts, and it’s pretty hard to argue with the facts (not that true believers usually care about that). His latest foray into quackery is moon-landing hoaxers, people who don’t believe men have ever landed on the moon. Like most conspiracy theorists, these folks seem more interested in the sensational than the truth, but as usual, Darryl knocks their notions out of the park. You can find his full post here, and be sure not to miss his thorough deconstructions of homeopathy and the vaccine/autism link. Keep it up Darryl, you’re doing great work!

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