Valar Morghulis indeed

The Washington Post posted a great infographic (click to go directly there) ahead of this Sunday’s Game Of Thrones season 5 premiere, detailing every death over the course of the last 4 seasons. And I do mean every death, down to the last lowliest wildling, anonymous soldier, and even a few animals. The where, who and how is detailed for each individual, and I’m trying to imagine the team of people that pored over the show researching all this information. I find it interesting that the deadliest location in all the land is…King’s Landing. So apparently the richest, most opulent city in the show is the last place you want to live. I expect the tally to grow quickly this season, surely starting with the first episode. I wonder if WaPo will keep count and update this graphic at a later date? Obviously, full spoiler warning is in effect.

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