Turkish Star Wars


This just has to be seen to be believed… Turkish Star Wars final scene Just…wow.  It’s like Ed Wood gone wild in the editing room.  The Indiana Jones music is really the crowning touch, don’t you think?

Recent movies

I’ll try to get around to writing some full reviews soon.  In the meantime, a list of the recent movies I’ve watched along with some brief comments and ratings (out of 4 stars possible): Black Snake Moan *** – An earthy, uncompromising study of redemption and salvation.  Excellent performances from Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake (yes,… Read more

A good weekend


We went to Vasa Park Resort on Lake Sammamish for my company picnic on Sunday.  Nice weather, around 80 but with some clouds to break up the sun.  Good food, nice playground, but most importantly, great water and swim area.  The kids had lots of fun; I’ll post pictures shortly. My new Mac Pro is on the way, and should arrive… Read more

Movie review: Children Of Men (2006)

Fans of end-of-times movies (of which I am a big one), great news – this is the best one yet. Alfonso Cuarón’s (Y tu mamá también, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) latest movie starts off with a nifty premise. It’s the near future. Women are infertile. There are no more children, and no… Read more